MoroccanOil Hair Treatment 6.8oz

Product Name:MoroccanOil Hair Treatment 6.8oz
Product Dimensions:1.6 x 2.6 x 7.9 inches ; 15.5 ounces
Shipping Weight:15.5 ounces

The pioneering product that paved the way for oil-infused hair care, MoroccanOil Hair Treatment is a treat for your hair that will leave it feeling silking smooth, nourished and looking it’s best.

-Silky Smooth Hair: MoroccanOil Hair Treatment treats over-processed hair that’s been damaged by coloring and heat styling, enriching it with its ultra-light formula to leave hair feeling super soft and silky. It will even work on split ends by hydrating the dry ends and reducing the chance of breakage.
-Restore Hair’s Natural Shine: Get back that natural shine that heat styling, coloring and environmental factors have stolen from your hair. MoroccanOil Hair Treatment uses Morocco-sourced Argan Oil to renew hair cell structure and restore its shine.
-Suitable For All Hair Types: Short, long, straight, curly, thick, thin, colored or natural, MoroccanOil Hair Treatment is suitable for all hair types, deeply nourishing each strand to leave hair manageable and looking it’s best. Even the most unruly of hair will benefit from the wonders of argan oil.
-Non-Greasy Formula: The ultra light, non-greasy formula spreads easily through the hair. Simply massage one pump of formula into hair, focusing on the ends and lengths to see noticeable results.

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